Players earn rewards for engaging with the Elemental Raiders content.

  • Chests: Obtained by engaging with PvE and PvP content; contains skill copies and Rune Stones.
  • Rune Stones (RS): Obtained in chest and by winning PvP matches and PvE scenarios.
  • Skins: Obtained in PvE Raids and Seasonal Rewards.
  • Elemental Crystals (EC): Obtained by winning PvP matches with Arena Tickets
  • $GGT: Obtained with seasonal PvP and PvE Rating Rewards.

There are different types of chests. The rewards received by players depend on the chest quality.
The maximum trophies (PvP Rating) achieved by the account determine how many rewards are given in the chests. For example, the chest received by a player with a low rating will contain less rewards than the chest of a higher rating player with more trophies.
The number of maximum trophies is equal to the lifetime maximum rating of the player. (maximum trophies are structured in the same way as the Arena ratings)
The chest rewards are:
  • Skill Copies: Copy of a skill that is used to level up that skill.
  • Rune Stones: Soft currency required to level up skills.

Free chests are obtainable by engaging with PvE and PvP game content. Every chest has a different chance to apear as reward, depending on their quality and the player rating.
Players can obtain a maximum of 8 chests per day.
Types of free chests:
Silver Chest
Gold Chest
Platinum Chest
Epic Chest
Mega Magic Chest
Giant Chest
Legendary Chest
Runic Crate
Big Runic Crate
Abundant Runic Crate

Purchasable chests can be bought with $GGT token and Elemental Crystals.
Types of purchasable chest:
Magic Chest
Royal Chest
Supreme Chest

Rune Stones are needed to upgrade skills.

Skins are visual art skins for Heroes that don't have an impact on the gameplay.

Elemental Crystals are token rewards for wining a PvP match, exclusively for players that own an arena ticket. Elemental Crystals can be exchanged for G4AL Tokens ($G4AL).
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