Players earn rewards for engaging with the Elemental Raiders content.

Types of rewards


There are different types of chests. The rewards received by players depend on the chest quality.
The maximum trophies (PvP Rating) achieved by the account determine how many rewards are given in the chests.
The chest received by a player with a low rating will contain fewer rewards than one with a higher rating.
The number of maximum trophies is equal to the lifetime maximum rating of the player. (maximum trophies are structured in the same way as the Arena ratings)
The chest rewards are:
  • Skill Copies: Copy of a skill used to level up that skill.
  • Rune Stones: Soft currency required to level up skills.


Regular Skins can’t be traded, are unlimited, and can be purchased in Free-To-Play platforms at the shop or rewarded in special events.

Rune Stones (RS)

Rune Stones are needed to upgrade skills.

Elemental Crystals (EC)

Elemental Crystals can be used to upgrade cosmetic levels of the Skills or purchase Chests.

Game Gold Token($GGT)

$GGT can be obtained from a Play-To-Earn status in your account, depending on your performance and investment in the Elemental Raiders ecosystem. ( Detailed explanation in the economy section)