NFT skills
In addition to the 10 level upgrades that all Skills have, skills can also be upgraded to an NFT version.
NFT skills unlock a Mastery Tree, which gives the players the option to keep improving their skills. Skills have up to 5 mastery slots available that improve the overall power of the skill by around 40% at a max level, compared to the normal skill.
In order to have a NFT skill, the player must own a copy of the normal version of the skill. The player mints the NFT at a cost, converting the existing skill into the new one and gaining the first mastery upgrade.
NFT skills can be minted at anytime, regardless of account and skill level. A minted Skill keeps the skill progression (level) so players will be able to monetize their time.
Minting a skill gives the opportunity to place it in the marketplace; a non-NFT skill cannot be traded.

Every mastery upgrade has a cap requirement of Skill and account level.
In order to upgrade that mastery the player needs to meet the requirements below:
Account and skill level required
NFT mastery
Level 1 (Mint)
Slot 1
Level 3
Slot 2
Level 5
Slot 3
Level 7
Slot 4
Level 10
Slot 5
Every NFT mastery has different levels of improvement, depending on the mastery level. Once the player unlocks a slot, the player can select a mastery from all the eligible ones to be attached to the skill. Some masteries will have a cost, making them more unique but also requiring more effort to unlock.
Each mastery level has different values of upgrades. For example, NFT mastery level 1 is less powerful than level 5.
The majority of upgrades are common for every skill. Some are special and unique.
Here are some common perks for all the skills:
  • Vitality: Increases Hero's HP
  • Power: Increases Attack Power of Hero
  • Healing: Increases Healing Power of Hero
  • Bulwark: Increases Defense Power of the Hero
  • Fortune: Increases Crit Chance of the Hero
  • Frenzy: Increase Crit Damage of the Hero.

The player has the chance to reforge the acquired mastery at a cost. Players can reforge as many times as they want until they obtain the desired mastery with no restrictions, but each time they reforge, the price of the reforge will increase.
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