NFT skills

In addition to the ten-level upgrades that all Skills have, skills can also be Minted into an NFT version.
NFT skills can be minted anytime, regardless of account and skill level. A minted Skill keeps the skill and visual progression so players can monetize their time.
Mint Price in $
Mints are paid in $GFAL tokens; the minting price is always valued at $USD. An oracle determines the amount of $GFAL tokens required depending on the price action of the token at the moment of the purchase.
Once a Skill is minted, it gains the benefits of:
  • Ownable: The player becomes the owner of the asset.
  • Tradeable in the marketplace: Users can monetize their time by selling their NFT skills to other players willing to buy them to speed their progression.
  • Fusionable: An NFT skill can be fusioned into another one and transfers it's progression or create new skills.
  • Time & Effort Tracker: Completing content with the NFT allows it can be upgraded with additional visual features, effects, and track-related information. The type of NFT determines the specific improvements that this NFT can achieve.
Last modified 6mo ago