Water Heroes

Water Magus Ran

Mage, Water

Ran belongs to the rare kind of gnomes that use their intelligence to explore the currents of magic. Her tribe lives around a lake and worships the Lady of the Lake. Ran was the youngest ever to ascend to priestess.
When the Evil Forces started to close in on the territory of her tribe, Ran mounted her disk and left to fight the invaders. Ran is a powerful magus who uses her knowledge and control of the Water element to harm her enemies and shield her allies.

Takeda, the Wanderer Samurai

Fighter, Water

Young Takeda inherited the ancestral duty of guarding the water demon after it destroyed his village and everyone he knew and loved. Using his training and innate power, Takeda was able to seal the demon in a calabash by binding its soul to him.
Now, Takeda travels around Runaria, never staying for too long in the same place. He is an extraordinary fighter, capable of accessing the water demon's power to empower his sword attacks in battle.

Reef, the Tide Warrior

Tank, Water

Atlantians are a sea race that mastered the power of the oceans. Reef trained as a warrior in Atlantis, but he had an astounding, never-before-seen way of controlling water. Afraid of his power, Reef abandoned his homeland and lived as a hermit in the Forgotten Isles until the minions of the Evil Gods attacked his hut, and he decided to leave his island to fight the invaders.
Reef is a powerful and tough protector that uses a runic spear and Water spells to fight his enemies.
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