Nature Heroes

Freyana, the Salamandria’s Oracle

Support, Nature

Salamandrias have long existed in harmony with nature in the depths of the Greenmist Forest. Freyana was born and lived under the legendary Yggdrasil’s tree, where she learned the mysterious powers of healing.
Her willingness to fight was awakened during a battle against the Old Hunter’s troops. She uses her Nature powers and control of plants to protect and heal her allies and stop her enemies.

Slothy & Quickens

Tank, Nature

From the south of the Thousand Beast Range Forest come Slothy & Quickens, a powerful tandem of muscle and brains. In the forest, after defeating every magical beast that challenged them, they ruled as Beast Kings, but left to become the Kings of the World.
In combat, they are undefeated thanks to the resistance of Slothy and the control of Nature magic and the quick mind of Quickens.

Kong, the Monkey King

Fighter, Nature

Even the gods fear the Monkey King. He is an impulsive and reckless trickster who spends his life looking for opponents that present a challenge. So far he has always come out victorious, but fighting the forces of the Evil Gods may prove more than he bargained for.
In combat, the Monkey King is an excellent fighter that uses Nature magic to conceal his intentions and trick his enemies.