Fire Heroes

Igniel, Archangel of Patience

Tank, Fire

The Archangel was born from the secret holy flame of Runaria and embodies the Runarian people’s courage and strength in their fight against the Evil Gods.
In combat, Igniel brandishes his sacred sword and uses Fire control to defeat his enemies and protect his allies.

Giovanna, Lady Reaper

Assassin, Fire

Born in hell to one of the most powerful families of Evil God followers, Giovanna, nicknamed Lady Reaper, was a commander of the Infernal Titan Vulcanus evil army in their invasion of Runaria. After a change of heart, she disobeyed Vulcanus's orders and has been fleeing ever since.
Hated by the inhabitants of Runaria and the evil legions alike, Giovanna now uses her martial mastery and control of Hellfire to fight anyone who dares cross her path.

Servius, Chainbreaker

Mage, Fire

Imps have been enslaved by the Evil Gods and used in battle for millennia; the Evil Gods control their thoughts and actions with magical chains.
Servius had his chains broken in the fight for Eureka, where he regained his free will. He freed other Imps and formed an independent mercenary group that serves the highest bidder. He uses his magical powers to control Fire and burn his targets in battle.