Hero skins
At launch, every Hero has a minimum of 5 skins, which come as NFTs.
Hero skins can be obtained:
  • By purchasing them through the marketplace
  • As a reward for special content.
Each skin represents a different aspect and rarity. Most of the skins are limited, and once the total amount is minted, the only way to obtain it is through the marketplace.
Skins have unique features:

In Elemental Raiders, skins refer to an alternate appearance and/or color scheme of the default hero model. Each skin comes with its own unique model and splash art, while some Skins also give heroes different particle effects, voice-overs, and sound effects.

Skins are NFTs that can be traded in the marketplace. Owning NFTs gives you Arena Tickets, that are needed in order to receive Elemental Crystals tokens.

The rarity of the Variant determines the number of total NFTs of that variant available. The higher the rarity level, the fewer copies available.
Rarity List

Some skins have extra visual effects, becoming even rarer, giving them different auras/effects, while keeping the base models.
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