Combat mechanic

At the start of the game, each player has three lives. Each hero starts with one Skill from their deck, and the player can choose an additional skill for one of the heroes. When a round ends, all heroes draw a skill from their decks with a maximum hand size of three.
Once a skill is used, it goes to the discard pile of that hero. When the deck is empty, the discard pile is shuffled to refill the deck. However, after playing a skill, you cannot draw it in the next turn.
Every player can choose up to five skills per round. Once the player and the enemy are ready, the round begins, and all skills are resolved in a specific order.
Players start with six mana points and increase by one each turn with a maximum of twelve.
The order of the Skills is resolved through a priority emblem system:
  • At the start of each match, a random player is chosen to be the first player with the emblem. Having the emblem means that the first skill that is selected will be resolved first, then the other player will resolve his first skill, and so on in one-one order. Depending on the order the skills are selected by a player determines on which spot they are resolved.
  • Some skills are instants that bypass the priority emblem. The skills of both players will be resolved instantly at the start of the round, using the same emblem system priority. Only one instant can be played each turn for every player.
On Arena PvP, players choose items for their heroes in rounds two, three, and four. These items are random every game, and both players are offered the same pool of three. Each Hero can only carry one item that boosts them with different stat buffs and effects that can change the outcome of the game when chosen properly.
In PvE Raids, players will choose a total of seven Items (one per raid entry) and will be able to stack three Items per Hero.
Vulcanus, Eureka Final Boss
When a hero reaches zero Health Points (HP), the player loses a life, and the Hero disappears, canceling all the remaining skills left this round from that hero. At the start of the next round, the Hero reappears with full HP.
The game ends whenever a player has lost three lives or at the end of turn six if one of the players has more lives than the opponent. In case of the same number of lives, sudden death rounds start, and the first player to lose one life is defeated.
Skills have different traits and effects that are very important for the game strategy. There are many synergies, meaning the player can outplay the opponent by combining different skills.
Kong heavily strikes Igniel for the win