Combat mechanic
At the start of the game, each hero has a starting hand with one Skill at random from their deck. At the end of every round, all heroes draw a skill with a maximum hand size of 3.
Once a skill is used it goes to the discard pile of that character. When the deck is empty the discard pile is shuffled to refill the deck.
However, after playing a skill, you cannot draw it in the next turn.
Every player can choose up to 4 skills per round. Once the player and the enemy are ready, the round begins and all skills are resolved in a specific order (explained above in the priority section).
Every skill has a Mana cost that needs to be paid in order to be used. When the game starts, the amount of Mana for each player is three and increases each turn by one. The Mana bar is displayed at the bottom left of the screen.
The order of the Skills is resolved through a priority emblem system:
  • At the start of each match, a random player is chosen to be the first player with the emblem. Having the emblem means that the first skill that is selected will be resolved first, then the other player will resolve his first skill, and so on with 1-1 order. Depending on the order the skills are selected from a player, determines on which spot they are resolved in their respective order.
  • Some skills are instants that bypass the priority emblem. The skills of both players will be resolved instantly at the start of the round, using the same emblem system priority.
When a Hero reaches a Health Power (HP) of zero as a result of enemy attacks, the Hero disappears and cannot play any other skills during the remainder of the game. The first player that defeats all the enemy Heroes wins the match.
Skills have different traits and effects that are very important for the game strategy. There are many synergies between them, which means that the player can outplay the enemy by combining different skills.
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