Battle Pass

The battle pass in Elemental Raiders is a system where players can earn rewards and progress through different levels by completing in-game challenges and missions. It lasts 30 days and includes various cosmetic items, skins, emotes, avatars, and in-game currency that can only be obtained during the Battle Pass duration.
Battle Pass has different levels that can be claimed once unlocked with the Battle Pass experience gained trought doing in-game content.
There are three types of Battle Pass.
Free: Everyone can get the rewards.
Premium: Players spent $8.99 USD or $GFAL to receive extra rewards.
Exclusive: Players spent $ 18.99 USD or $GFAL to receive more extra rewards.
  • Elemental Crystals: The game's premium currency used to purchase different features in-game such as account progression and cosmetics.
  • Chests: Contains skill copies and Rune Stones to upgrade skills.
  • Avatars: Used to change the players portrait profile.
  • Emotes: Used to display an in-game emote during an encounter.
  • Cosmetic Points: Required to upgrade skills Cosmetic tiers to improve their visuals and effects.
  • Seasonal Skills: Skills that can be obtainable during the Battlepass duration.