How does the wallet work? Is it a G4AL wallet? How does this work with my other wallets?
The wallet keeps the password that gives you access to your assets in game. It's safe and accessible, allowing you to send and receive G4AL NFTs and tokens on the G4AL network.
Where will I receive my tokens?
You will receive your tokens in your G4AL wallet.
Why are you launching on a centralized exchange and not on a decentralized one?
Centralized exchanges are more secure due to all the regulations they are subject to, while decentralized exchanges have almost zero protection for the users. By launching on a centralized exchange players have a guarantee that their funds are more secure and on a trusted site.
What are the (detailed) uses of GGT and why will it have value?
$GGT are used in the whole G4AL ecosystem, G4AL Games and G4AL Engine (including the G4AL SDK, G4AL Broker and G4AL Launcher), as well as the G4AL platform governance. For more information on ​$GGT use please refer to the $GGT white paper.
Who are your current investors/partners?
The main partners are Nuclio, CarlosBlanco, Inveready and Bonsai Partners.
What is the relationship between $GGT token and the in-game token Elemental Crystals?
$GGT is the global token of the G4AL network, while EC is only used in Elemental Raiders. Both are needed for in-game features such as speeding the player's progression, buying NFTs and Cosmetics.
How can I make money as a player?
As a player, you can purchase a Game Pass and get rewarded by the distribution pool according to your performance and investment in Elemental Raiders.
How can I buy $GGT as a player?
You can buy $GGT on centralized exchanges.