Games for a Living Token ($GFAL)

The Games for a Living ($GFAL) is the native currency and utility token of the Network and the Games developed with it.
For detailed information about $GFAL and all the use cases across Games for a Living services and products: GFAL whitepaper

$GFAL use for players in Elemental Raiders

Uses and benefits of $GFAL in Elemental Raiders, but applicable to all Games:
  • Mints: Players can mint their skills to NFT Skills using $GFAL to become the owner of the assets and be able to monetize their time.
  • Purchase NFT Skins: There are limited NFTs Skins for sale that can be purchased in the shop with $GFAL.
  • Discount purchases: Players can accelerate their progression by purchasing chests and Runestones at the shop with $GFAL at a discounted price compared to FIAT.
  • Marketplace: Players can trade in-game NFTs from other players using $GFAL.
  • Events: Games will hold special events and tournaments where players will get rewarded in $GFAL.