Game Gold Token ($GGT)

The Game Gold Token ($GGT) is the native currency and utility token of the G4AL Network and the Games developed with it.
For detailed information about $GGT and all the use cases across G4AL services and products:

$GGT use for players in Elemental Raiders

$GGT will serve as a cross-currency in all Games developed with the G4AL Network.
Uses and benefits of $GGT in Elemental Raiders, but applicable to all Games:
  • Game Pass: To have a Play-To-Earn status account, players need to purchase a Game Pass with GGT with a 30 days expiration.
  • Mints: Players can mint their NFT Skills using GGT.
  • Purchase NFT Skins: There are limited NFTs Skins for sale that can be purchased in the shop with GGT.
  • Progression: Players can speed up their progression by purchasing chests and Runestones at the shop with GGT.
  • Elemental Crystals: Players can purchase them to improve their cosmetic visuals.
  • Distribution Pool: Players with a Play-To-Earn status can earn GGT as a reward by playing the game and owning NFTs.
  • Marketplace: Players will be able to buy in-game NFTs from other players.
  • Bridges: Players can transfer their NFTs to other chains, marketplaces, and platforms, paying the gas fee with GGT.
  • Events: Games will hold special events where players will get rewarded in $GGT.
  • Seasons: At the end of each season of the game, top-ranking players will receive $GGT depending on their position on the leaderboard.