Game Gold Token ($GGT)
The Game Gold Token ($GGT) is the native currency and utility & governance token of the G4AL Platform and the Games developed with it.
Users will be able to use their $GGTs in a growing number of ways within the G4AL Platform, making $GGT a bridging asset in operations of all kinds.
G4AL will issue a Token Generation Event (TGE) of $GGT in the fourth quarter of 2022, beginning with a private sale followed by a pre-sale.
Elemental Raiders players can earn $GGT occasionally in some PvE content and as PvP seasonal rewards.

The $GGT tokens will follow the ERC-20 token standard as issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

The smart contract will be developed with Solidity programming language and deployed on the Ethereum blockchain.

The technology auditing of the $GGT token has been carried out by Grant Thornton.

The advantages offered to $G4AL token holders are many and very diverse, depending on the use of the token on the G4AL Platform and the Games, as listed below:

  • $GGT use in short term governance
  • $GGT use in medium & long term governance
For more information please refer to the $GGT white paper.

$GGT are subject to retention or lock-up periods.
In order to improve the usability and distribution of tokens in the market, G4AL will make the transferability of the tokens that do not correspond to the Private Sale and the Pre-Sale impossible during certain periods.
For more information on $GGT distribution please see the white paper.

The funds received from the sale of tokens will help G4AL scale its operations globally by adopting the latest technologies and developing the best blockchain games and metaverses along the way.
Below we detail the estimated use of funds; however, this information is subject to change.
The main use of the funds is the development of G4AL Games and G4AL Engine. This represents 40% of the total funds.
A major challenge is to contribute to the creation of a regulatory framework in the different countries in which G4AL operates. This task requires a close working relationship with regulatory bodies to keep up with the changing legal landscape. We will obtain licenses in strategic countries in the European Union and Asia. We estimate that we will invest 15% of the total funds in regulatory infrastructure and risk management.
In the geographic expansion process, we wil invest in the promotion of the platform globally. Thus, 35% of resources will be used in advertising, marketing and community management for customer acquisition, brand recognition and community creation, scaling and investing in marketing and sales channels.
Platform security will represent 5% of the funds, as per industry best practices. The remaining 5% will go towards daily administrative and operational tasks, such as office rental, logistics management, transportation, finance, reporting, and external audits.
For more information on the use of funds please see the white paper.
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