Scholarship program

The Elemental Raiders scholarship program allows players to start earning without any initial investment.
Players have the option to keep multiple Elemental Raiders accounts on their G4AL account, and manage all of these accounts from their main account.
We will be introducing the option to lend accounts to other players. This feature allows players with multiple NFTs to grant access to their account to other players, named scholars. Scholars can access the accounts they have access to, play games and share the profits earned from the game with the account owners.
When players want to lend their accounts for a scholarship, they send a scholarship invitation detailing the profit share gains. The scholar has the option to accept or decline the invitation.
Elemental Crystal profits derived from playing are automatically sent to the two main G4AL accounts as per the agreed distribution share.
Once players accept the scholarship, the account appears on their G4AL account as a scholar account. Managers of the account set the scholarship permissions of the account, with options such as Only play, Open Chests, Upgrade Skills...