Play to earn (P2E)

Play-To-Earn players follow the same system as Free-To-Play players, with the addition that they can earn Elemental Crystals and $GGT by having an active Game Pass. The number of rewards depends on game performance and investment.

Game Pass

To access the Play-To-Earn side of the game, players must have a Game Pass active.
The Game Pass is a 30 days subscription that provides:
  • Premium Games are refilled daily.
  • Elemental Crystals to increase cosmetic skill levels.
  • Chests to level up skills.
  • NFT Skins are only obtainable during the current Season.
There are three different tiers of Game Pass that have different costs, amounts of Premium games, and other rewards:

Premium Games

Every time a player engages in a Premium Game (only PVP Arena):
  • On victory, the player is rewarded with EC and $GGT.
  • On defeat, the player is rewarded with EC.
Players can’t decide when to play a Premium Game, they are used automatically when available.
Premium Games are refilled with the daily server reset worldwide.