Game earnings distribution

Elemental Raiders is the first Free-To-Play and Play-To-Earn game to design a controlled, self-sustainable, fair and enjoyable economy for the players.
All revenue generated from F2P and P2E is distributed among players depending on their performance in the game and the investment made.
F2P revenue is added to the Distribution Pool after EBITDA.
The game doesn't print tokens from thin air, making a highly inflationary economy. Elemental Raiders distribute the money invested from players in $GGT and in-game resources.
Play-To-Earn players earn from all the P2E ecosystem and benefit from the F2P world with all the purchases made from being a fun and competitive game played on many platforms.
G4AL charges a 2% fee for all trades in the Marketplace and Shop.
Another 2% is charged and sent to the Distribution Pool.

Distribution Pool

From different sources, when a user spends $GGT in the game, it goes to a distribution pool that is distributed among all other players following specific criteria.
The Distribution Pool is composed of $GGT that comes from:
  • 100% from Game Pass
  • 100% generated from F2P ( all non-NFT purchases made across all platforms )
  • 75% of NFT Skill mints
  • 75% of NFT Skin sales
  • Marketplace fee of 2%

Distribution Criteria

The Distribution Pool is divided into two smaller pools (50% each), with different criteria for selecting the distribution among players. The two criteria are the following:
  • Ranking: Depending on the player's rating, the player will be rewarded from the ranking pool when winning a Premium Game.
  • Investment: Depending on the total investment with the amount of NFT holdings the player has when the user plays a Premium Game, they will get rewarded from the investment pool.

Investment Pool - Earn Points

The investment Pool is determined by Earn Points. Earn points are a representation of the total % share of the player that will get from the investment pool. The total of Earn Points in circulation will determine the “shareholder” power of the player.
When a player buys an NFT or Mint an NFT Skill, 75% of that cost goes directly to the distribution pool, while the remaining 25% is locked to give a guaranteed return on the investment. Players can salvage (Burn) an NFT to get back 25% of the value investment at any given time.
NFT skills Uncommon
NFT Skills Rare
NFT Skills Epic
NFT Skills Legendary
NFT Skins Uncommon
NFT Skins Rare
NFT Skins Epic
NFT Skins Legendary
NFT Skins Exotic
NFT Skins Unique

Maximum daily rewards distribution

A limit of daily rewards that can be distributed in one day depending on the following:
  • Amount of players with a Game Pass active.
  • Total of Premium Games available.
  • Win rate of % Players.
  • Amount of earnings from F2P
  • Total of $GGT in the distribution pool
  • Price of $GGT
This limit exists to ensure a fair and healthy distribution for all the players by distributing the rewards to ensure they are stable and running long-term.
Players must have a game Pass active to be eligible for the daily distribution rewards.