F2P-P2E bridge
Elemental Raiders incorporates a unique F2P-P2E bridging system that enables players to monetize the time they have invested in the game. It also makes it possible for free-to-play players to become play-to-earn players. Here is how it works.
As game designers, we understand that playing a game requires dedication. In Elemental Raiders, we value and appreciate that dedication. That's why the game includes an NFT minting option for free-to-play players, which gives them the opportunity to mint their leveled skill.
Players that convert their non-NFT skills into NFT skills can sell them in the marketplace for $GGT tokens. Alternatively, they may wish to hold on to their $GGT in order to obtain Arena tickets, so they can opt to receive Elemental Crystals as a reward for winning PvP matches.
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