Meet the Team

G4AL has a management team with solid and complementary expertise in business, technology, and investments. The founders have 125 years of experience in entrepreneurship, video games, and new technologies.
  • Manel Sort, the CEO, has more than 20 years of experience as a video game developer and producer, studio head, and CEO of companies in the video game industry. He has contributed to and released more than 60 games on all major platforms (PC, Xbox, PS2, mobile), generating more than $ 1 billion in EBITDA.
  • Art Director Javier León has 26 years of experience as a CGI specialist and art director in video game and special effects studios in Europe and the US. He was nominated for an Emmy for title credits of the Netflix series The Crown and is one of the 200 Best International Digital Artists, according to the Lürzer Archive.
  • Christian Gascons, COO, and Marc Tormo, Game Director, both ex-Blizzard Entertainment, have a background in video games in large companies and entrepreneurial projects. Carlos Blanco and Ernest Sánchez are thought leaders in new technologies and the start-up ecosystem, with numerous achievements backing their expertise.
The rest of the team is equally passionate and talented, with extensive experience in the video game, entertainment, blockchain, and tech industries. Together we have the skills and expertise required to deliver games and tech of the highest standard.
Last modified 2mo ago