Right now, many Play-to-Earn blockchain games seem to have forgotten that playing video games should be fun.
G4AL games are different.
As free-to-play games, G4AL games offer a frictionless transition to blockchain gaming for those interested in exploring the world of crypto, earning rewards and getting started with GameFi tools.
At the same time, our play-to-earn games feature first-class security and custody, and are designed to prevent cheating, scams and farming bots.
Above all, our video games are a lot of fun.
Elemental Raiders, our first launch, spearheads a new approach to blockchain gaming that is focused on reclaiming the entertainment value of the gaming experience - what we call Play AND Earn.
This white paper gives a detailed description of how Elemental Raiders works, so readers can see for themselves how we intend to reframe blockchain video games.
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