G4AL Chain

The G4AL Chain is a permissioned Layer 1 Blockchain with a PoA consensus where the resulting Blockchain Ledger is publicly available and secured via PoW hashing and signature. Providing enhanced security, scalability, and sustainability.
The necessary pillars of a blockchain for gaming on which G4AL Chain is based:
Frictionless & Secure Access
Users can access the G4AL Chain with user & password and Two-factor authentication (2FA) rather than private and public keys. That way, usability is improved, and AML/KYC compliance requirements are met, diminishing the use of bots and preventing hackers from stealing account information.
Ledger Transparency
The G4AL Chain achieves transparency by publishing the block ledger, which becomes available to the community and can be downloaded by users, providing them with an extra layer of security and data consistency.
Efficient Validation
The transaction validation process is performed by our RPC Validator, which runs on Google Cloud infrastructure based on Kubernetes, to provide 99.95% uptime and SLA. This allows the network to scale when there is a traffic peak, ensuring no CPU throttling at all times. All of this with a low environmental impact.
The G4AL Chain tracks and supports assets across multiple blockchains and games by implementing our Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. This ensures that the interoperability of assets occurs, avoiding malicious attempts.
Smart Contracts
We implement smart contracts in C# programming language to allow developers without specific blockchain experience to easily develop in our network. We provide an SDK and visual interface with a set of common token standards smart contracts, including but not limited to ERC20, 721, and 1155. In addition, we enable developers to create custom smart contracts tailored to their game’s needs.