G4AL Mission & Vision
At G4AL we believe that it is time for a new approach to Play-to-Earn games.
We want P2E to move beyond the 10 million blockchain players currently engaged in crypto gaming. Our goal is to contribute to the mass adoption of blockchain video games so they can reach a larger share of the 2.9 billion gamers that exist in the world today.
To achieve this, we create, publish and facilitate blockchain games as entertaining and visually stunning as conventional AAA games. Our games are all about making it possible to Play AND Earn.
We offer the following products and services:
  • G4AL Platform: A comprehensive set of blockchain video game development tools, including a permissioned Layer 1 chain, game services and a marketplace.
  • Games: A blockchain video game development and publication studio. Released games will include first party games developed by G4AL and third party games.
The Game Gold Token ($GGT) is the native currency and utility & governance token of the G4AL Platform and the Games developed with it.
For more information on G4AL's mission and vision, check out the $GGT Token Issuance White Paper.
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